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The team of Freddy Frey, Bob Rosetty, Bobby Frey, and "Big Al" Liebmann are set to bring the legendary Frantic Ford AA/Funny Car back to life with the debut of the Frantic Ford Nostalgia Funny Car, which should be ready for competition on the Eastern seaboard in May or June. The re-creation of the Frantic Ford is dedicated to the memory of the late Paul R. "Dodger" Glenn.

Plans call for Team Frantic to be at tracks primarily on the East Coast with possible dates in the Midwest if additional funding becomes available.

The new Mustang II will carry the same paint scheme that took the Frantic Ford to many victories in the mid-1970s with the late, great Glenn at the controls. Paint on the new car will be applied once again by the legendary Bob Gerdes of Circus Custom Paint. Lettering on the car will be handled by the talented brush strokes of Glen, another renowned East Coast legend. For more information in the car, log on to