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Goodyear Racing is ready to begin manufacturing the latest additions to its line of Goodyear Eagle SS DOT radial drag racing tires. Goodyear recently completed tests at two facilities with 16 cars and drivers, and the tests were very successful. The company, recognized as the industry leader in drag racing tire development, tested size and construction combinations aimed at the DOT drag racing market.

“The tests were extremely successful,” said Carolyn Ashbee, sales account manager for drag racing. “We know now that we have a very competitive product. Our 60-foot times were superior to the competition.”

The tire to be released first, Goodyear’s D4305, is sized at 275/60R15. It is 28 inches tall and 9.5 inches across the tread and is recommended for wheels 8 inches wide.

Ashbee said eight additional sizes for 15-, 16-, and 17-inch rims can be viewed on and will be announced as they become available for sale.

The tests were conducted at South Georgia Motorsports Park and Arizona’s Firebird Int'l Raceway. On both occasions, the track temperatures reached 140 degrees.

The drivers involved in the tests came from across the radial racing world, from organizations such as the Outlaw Radial Street Car Association, the Outlaw Radial Tire Championship, the National Mustang Racing Association, and the Pacific Street Car Association. Drivers made quarter-mile and eighth-mile passes.

“This is a terrific market, one that has been growing and has room for more growth,” Ashbee said. “The tires will be built at our Innovation Center in Akron, Ohio, and we expect to have them ready for sale by the fall.”