Spring is hereThursday, March 29, 2012
Posted by: Terry McMillen, Amalie/UNOH Top Fueler

Warm temperatures and sunny skies in Gainesville hopped on board our motorhome and came back to Elkhart, Ind., with us. Unfortunately the great weather wasn’t the only thing I brought back from Gainesville. The Thursday following the race I started to feel like I was getting sick. By Saturday, I could hardly move. Knowing that the Las Vegas race was just around the corner, I decided to visit the doctor so that I could get some medicine. The doctor seemed pretty convinced it was a sinus infection, but decided to test me for the flu anyway. Did you know they can test for the flu? One line you are fine and two lines you have the flu, just like a pregnancy test. Sure enough the test was positive for the flu. According to the doctor it would take seven to 10 days to recover, and I found out seven days later that he wasn’t exaggerating.

Even though I had to spend the majority of the time I had at home on the couch recovering, I still managed to enjoy the great weather we had. Last year we skipped spring and went right into summer, but not until June, so I didn’t get to enjoy being outside and at home as much as I would have liked to. Sunny skies and warm temperatures in March was quite the treat especially after the flu. I mowed the yard twice, treated the pond, power washed the deck, planted a couple of new fruit trees, and enjoyed a little fishing in the pond.

One day before we left I got a surprise visit from two former Elkhart Career Center students who are both currently attending the University of Northwestern Ohio. One of them even received the Hoosier Thunder Motorsports scholarship. One of the many cool things about UNOH is that they don’t charge out of state tuition, so the scholarship money will have the same benefit to anyone who is awarded one.

We are hoping that the changes we are making to the car continue to pay off this weekend in Vegas. I know it doesn’t seem like we have done anything spectacular this season, and we haven’t, but every round we are one step closer to having a more consistent race car, and consistency is a huge contribution to succeeding out here.

Make sure you follow facebook.com/terrymcmillenfans for updates here in Vegas. We also tweet about what’s going on at the track so follow @terrymcmillen But the really cool thing you can do is join me in the pits by signing up with google+ and joining our hangout this weekend live from the pit. We will have hangouts on both Friday and Saturday, and I must say it is pretty cool. Just add Terry McMillen to your circle and you will be notified when we start the hangout!!

Until next time have a great one!!