Things have just been crazy busyMonday, January 30, 2012
Posted by: Terry McMillen, Amalie/UNOH Top Fueler

It has been a while since I last wrote and I am sorry for not being better about keeping you up to speed during our off season. We were one short in the office for a few weeks in January, and things have just been crazy busy.

We went down to Florida to test, and were very pleased with the results. We have a brand new tune-up, so most of our passes were planned early shut offs. We wanted to get a feel for what the car needs to get from A to B fast and without blowing anything up. Unlike most of the big teams that tested all week and got around 20 passes in, we only made seven, but we are going in the right direction. We didn’t make any spectacular runs, but that’s OK. Last year we ran a 3.82 and didn’t see a number like that ever again. Our friend Eric from Cyclo got to come out and hang with us for a couple days. He hasn’t been to any of our races yet, so it was pretty cool to have him there.

Right from testing Cori, Jim and I flew to Washington D.C., to meet with our friends at Armed Forces Racing. We went to a tailgate party where wounded warriors were honored. It was really cool. We met some really great people including the Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. What an honor that was. There is a new movie out Big Miracle, which is based on a true story. We also met the woman who the movie was about. Jim was especially excited about this because he is a big movie guy and was looking forward to seeing the movie with his wife!

Now we are just making last minute preparations for Pomona. We leave this weekend so that we will get to town Tuesday. Thanks to Cool Image Water for setting things up, we will have the car at Performance Plus Tire on Cherry Ave. in Long Beach for a fundraising event that will benefit South L.A. and Lakewood Sherriff’s Departments. There will be a raffle with one of the items being a set of Saturday Race tickets!

Here we go ready to start another crazy year. Looking forward to what 2012 has in store for us! Make sure you follow for the latest on what we have going on!