Road WarriorsWednesday, June 06, 2012
Posted by: Katie Sullivan

After about 3,000 miles of driving, I am sitting at my grandma’s house in Ekalaka, Mont. Just a little over a week ago, my dad and I made the decision to turn my new bike over to Greg Underdahl, which meant a long drive out to Gregs’s shop, Fast Lane Sports, in North Branch, Minn. My dad and I worked last Friday and Saturday to service the truck and trailer, and get the bike all loaded up. I set out Sunday morning for the 2,000 mile trek to Minnesota. Luckily a good friend of mine, Karen Wagner, decided to make the trip with me. I picked her up from the airport in Sacramento on Sunday morning, and away we went.

It always cracks me up to see the looks we get from passing traffic. I guess most people find it surprising to see two women behind the wheel of the truck and trailer. I absolutely love doing the driving for racing. I would way rather be the one to drive the rig, than to have to fly into the races. It always gives me a sense of comfort when I am the one in charge of making sure my bike arrives safely because let’s be honest, that bike is my life.

When we arrived at the Underdahl’s shop we got the grand tour. Greg and his family have a beautiful home complete with ducks, chickens, pheasants, dogs, kittens, and horses. It is always so cool to see people’s lives away from the race track. Even though we didn’t get to stay long I really enjoyed our visit with Greg and his family. They are all really nice people.

It was a little bit of a sad feeling when it came time to leave my bike with Greg in Minnesota. I am really excited about it, though. Greg is a very smart person, and knows a lot about Pro Stock Motorcycles. I am ecstatic that he is going to help get my new bike straightened out, and help us get pointed in the right direction. I feel very fortunate with all the people I have got to work with in Pro Stock Motorcycle. I had actually rode one of Greg’s bikes before in Indy, and I really enjoyed my time working with him and Gary Stoffer.

I am currently working so hard to find the money to run a couple more races back east. I really would like to find the money to go to Chicago and Norwalk. My dad always tells me if it is to be, it is up to me. If there is anything I have realized about racing it’s that it is anything but easy.

As always though, I am up for the challenge. So I hope very much that in my next blog I will be writing about my plans to attend Norwalk and Chicago. After a quick visit with my grandma here in Ekalaka, Karen and I will be headed back for California. The trip home should take less time since I left my trailer in Minnesota. Thanks for reading, take care everyone!