No lack of excitement in CommerceWednesday, May 21, 2014
Posted by: Megan Schumacher, Don Schumacher Racing

Hello again. It’s not too often that I miss a race weekend, but I had a good personal excuse. I graduated from Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla. with a master’s degree in business.
Yeah! I’m finally done with school. Now I get to be a grown up. Haha.
If I had to miss one race weekend, well, Atlanta was sure the one to miss for our DSR teams. It was indeed a taxing race for our camp.
I graduated on Friday and let me tell you, to graduate with a masters and undergraduate degree in under five years was no easy feat. I am very proud of my accomplishment especially to accomplish that while traveling to and from most NHRA races during my time at Lynn. I enjoyed getting to spend my graduation day with all four of my amazing parents, my mom, Sarah, Don, dad, Jon, and stepmom, Diane. They all have been so supportive and that support blanket is so crucial.
The five of us were sitting at dinner on Friday evening when Don received a phone call from the track after Antron’s crash. There is not a more helpless feeling then when a driver crashes, especially when we aren’t on-site to support the driver, his family and the team. We are so grateful that Antron was a-okay and popped right out of that Matco Tools dragster and hopped over the retaining wall. AB is one tough cookie, and his safety is a true testament to how well-built our race cars are at the DSR fab shop. Kudos to Joe, Tom, Hank and Dan for their tireless efforts. Also, the wonderful safety benefits of the enclosed canopy on our three dragsters and the rail of Brittany Force. I’m not a driver, have no desire to be, but I don’t know how anyone would get into a dragster without a canopy on it.
After realizing all was okay, I saw a tweet from Tom Patsis who works at our fab shop that said “Antron, very happy you’re safe, we have many more race cars but we only have one Antron.” For me, that put it all in perspective. Everyone at our fab shop works very hard to make race cars for our teams and the foremost goal is driver safety.
Our fab shop guys are so dedicated they were at the shop on Saturday morning, on an off weekend, to start working on Antron’s new chassis.  That’s dedication and a great example of the #OneTeam mindset that encompasses DSR.
We watched the final session of qualifying live on ESPN2. We watched with disbelief as the Dodge body blasted off of Jack Beckman’s car in Q4 at Atlanta Dragway. We were again very grateful Jack was safe. Lightning does strike twice in NHRA race. Much like the final round of last summer’s Traxxas Funny Car Shootout, Jack’s Valvoline MaxLife Dodge exploded in the right lane at the top end. This time though, there was no $100,000 bonus or trophy, just carnage.
Jack did a great job on television explaining to the NHRA fans what it’s like to have a 10,000 horsepower engine explode at 300 mph. Jack is very vivid is his description and we’re glad he’s safe and ready to go 300-mph again real soon.
The NHRA fans did get a surprise treat from Mother Nature on Saturday as we were treated to live NHRA qualifying on ESPN2. I got to say, as much as I missed being at the track, it was very cool to watch live NHRA racing on TV.
After a long and wet Sunday, a few race cars finally hit the track some eight hours after the scheduled start time. But after five pairs of dragsters, NHRA officials were forced to postpone the rest of eliminations until Monday.
After some rest, the teams were back at it for a meaningful “Monday Nationals.” Teams typically refer to Monday testing at the “Monday Nationals” and yesterday they were racing for real Wally trophies, not time slips.
Our three DSR dragsters continue to roll and Spencer Massey and the Battery Extender team ensured that all three DSR dragsters will race for the $100,000 payday on Aug. 30 in the Traxxas Top Fuel Shootout. It’s great that all three of our Top Fuelers have now won races. It was Spencer’s 15th career win.
A big applause to Antron and the Matco team. After the crash, they qualified third on Saturday, ran 3.74 in the second round and posted a semifinal finish. They continue to have a great season and will win many more races.

All of us at DSR want to thank all the fans who tweeted me and the @ShoeRacing accounting with messages of concern and well wishes to Antron and Jack and also the very kind words of congratulations on my graduation. We really do have amazing fans.
That’s all for now. What a weekend, but thankfully all involved are safe. Now, let’s hope for a calmer weekend at Topeka. Have a great week.