Vegas and the SEMA ShowWednesday, November 09, 2011

My week in Vegas started off at an NHRA press conference at the Stratosphere. It was cool to hang out with Hagan, Tron and Larry. On Thursday, the crew and I toured the Thunderbird facility at Nellis Air Force Base. It was neat to see what they do and the shows they put on.

At the track, our hospitality was full of Snap-on folks from the corporate office that were visiting Vegas for the SEMA Show. It was fun to hang out with our bosses. Herzog Contracting Corp also had a big presence as they always do on the west coast and we had a nice dinner with a group of their guests. Problem is I ate too many appetizers so I was full by the time the meal came. LOL. We always enjoy hanging out with the Herzog crew, they do everything first class! It’s great to have them on board and represent them on the track.

The race itself was good but was challenging because it was really dry and hard to tune the motors without hurting them. We got it together and qualified No. 4, in the top five which we always shoot for. We finally beat the DHL car in the first round and moved on to beat Hagan which was a pivotal race. In the semi’s against Capps, the light was long and I started to go before it was time but caught myself. We ran a 4.19 but they were ready for us with a 4.12. Everybody kept saying how bad the right lane was but it was definitely a myth and we gotta give those guys credit. We weren’t on our game in the semi’s but I guarantee that won’t happen in Pomona.

After the race, we hung out at the Snap-on booth at the SEMA Show on Tuesday and Wednesday with Sherman Paul and the group from Snap-on Equipment. They had a great booth with our show car on display. We had some dinners and gambled a little afterwards with some of the guys so we had a lot of fun.

Now we’re looking forward to getting to Pomona and getting a couple runs in. It’s supposed to be really cold and depending on how the car runs, we’ll decide if that’s a good thing. Lol. The good news is, the conditions are the same for everyone. We ran a 4.01 at Pomona early in the year so we’ll be looking to get near that performance again. It’s a home game for us but we’re not gonna treat it any different than any other race. It’s definitely great to be in the championship hunt but we want to keep the pressure minimal. I’m proud of the team and for Snap-on, Toyota, Herzog, Sioux City, WIX, UTI, Lucas Oil and everyone else that’s been on board. It’s been a heck of a year and we hope to finish it off with the biggest prize of them all: the world championship!