Posted by: Jack Beckman, Infinite Hero Dodge
Many of you will recall my cancer fundraising program last year, and how "un-fun" it really was. My buddy Jason Brennan volunteered for the LLS Man and Woman of the Year program this time, so I thought we drag-racing fans could show him some support.

Please take a few minutes, log on to his link, and throw a few bucks at a cause that helps save lives. I honestly believe I'm here today in part because of the folks who donated to finding cancer cures. I'm not going to beg...much, but PLEASE don't procrastinate (that's my job) on this. They are in the final week of this campaign, and every dollar makes a difference. I'm not talking about breaking your bank, just giving enough to make you feel better. If $5 is all you can afford, bitchin'. If you're in a position to do $10, $20, or more, that's also cool. Just please DO IT, before you forget about it, and let's help Jason help us save lives!
Stay tuned, pry open that wallet, and be altruistic, philanthropic, and some other big words I can't recall!