Fishing, Golfing, and RacingWednesday, May 02, 2012

Golf is certainly my favorite hobby, but recently I had a chance to do a little fishing while down in Sanibel, Fla., and had a great time out on the water. My wife, Pam, and I took some of our friends from Greeneville, Tenn., down to Sanibel and spent five quality days there.

We caught a bunch of redfish and I even got a snook, though I had to throw that one back, because they’re not in season right now. I also hooked a 20-pound stingray, but we cut it loose before it got to the boat. At the end of the day, we cleaned the redfish, took them home and grilled and ate them. Nothing is better than eating fresh fish that you’ve just caught. It was a great time as always in Sanibel. We are really enjoying our vacation house down there.

I left Sanibel on Thursday morning to fly to Houston and played in the Darrell Russell Memorial Golf Tournament that afternoon with fellow Mopar driver Jeg Coughlin Jr. and his crew. That was a fun outing, as all of the charity golf tournaments usually are. Jeg is a pretty good golfer. He gave me a little competition, and we’ll have to play head-to-head sometime. I didn’t realize he was as good as he is. We both enjoyed it a lot. The Darrell Russell Tournament is for a really good cause, and everyone involved does a great job.

On Thursday night I had a chance to visit one of one of my best friends growing up, Brian Combs, who lives in Houston now. He took me to Chinatown there and we went to a restaurant where we ate using chop sticks. That was quite an experience and it was a lot of fun getting to see Brian and spend some time with him.

We had a pretty good weekend on the track in Houston. I would have liked to have been in the final against our teammate Vincent Nobile, but at least one of us was in the final and picked up a win for Mopar. Going rounds and having our Mopar HEMI engines in the final round is certainly a great accomplishment. It’s a really good feeling for Dad (Roy Johnson) and the engine guys, and it shows that all of their hard work and dedication is paying off. Our engines have the consistency and reliability to help us run at the front of the field. My Mopar Dodge Avenger has been very consistent as well. If we can keep it going, we’ll be someone to contend with week in and week out.

Following Houston, we brought everything home this week and worked on it. Vincent lost an engine in the semifinals and we had to swap in a new one in his Avenger before the final run, so we brought that engine home and had to rub on it a little bit. We have all the engines up to snuff and we’ll go into Atlanta on a high note. Every single run we’ll try to be consistent and get from point A to B and build on it every round. Hopefully on Sunday, we’ll be the fastest car there every single round, like we were last week. I’ve won at Atlanta before and that track is very special to me, as it used to be our home track before Bristol, so it would be great to pick up another win there in our Mopar Dodge Avenger this weekend.