My birthday and some racingThursday, July 12, 2012
Posted by: Angie Smith

Since our last blog I have had a birthday. It was June 14. Another year older but so far I am not feeling it. It was during the workweek so I was at the shop working trying to get some things done before the next event. Someone knocked on the door, which was out of the ordinary. Usually people just come in. So I went to the door and I had a delivery of flowers that were so beautiful. Matt played stupid asking me who they were from. Of course they were from him. On the card was something very sweet. It said be ready at 5:30 because we have a date tonight. The story behind that is we work together so we really don’t have “date night”. So that was very sweet of him. He got me several gifts that were very sweet and thoughtful.

Rickie raced Bristol on that weekend and boy did he dominate. He qualified No. 1 and was the quickest car of the session every session in qualifying. He also finished his weekend off in the winners’ circle, which was outstanding. That win probably meant more to him than any other win simple because he crashed last year at that very track and was hospitalized. He had to go through knee surgery and rehabilitation for months. I would say that he has conquered Bristol. Great job, Rickie.

Our racing program has been struggling the last couple of races, which is not a fun thing to deal with. Everyone loves to win rounds and win races and right now we are in our slump I guess you could say. If this means we are going to come out of it and be really good when the countdown comes around then I will take it. Since our last blog I have got to get back in the seat of my pro stock bike for a couple of races which absolutely makes me one of the happiest girls in the world. Racing means so much to me. I have managed to qualify at the last two events, which were Chicago and Norwalk. However Norwalk was a little crazy for me. We haven’t been running every session just to save money on parts.

I went up for the last qualifying pass in Norwalk. I was in the 14th spot. Before I ran the field was set. When I crossed the finish line going 188mph I didn’t have any brakes. Let me just say that is one of the worst feelings in the world. I had to come up with a two-second plan. I am so glad my brain processed this the way it did. I told myself I would ride it out as far as I could. I crossed the sand trap going over 100 mph through the field and I made a decision to bail before the cornfield. The reasoning in that is you never know if there is farm equipment, or anything else hidden in a huge field of corn that was tall. I am glad I made the decision that I did. Luckily I came out of this wreck uninjured to say the least. I was sore for a couple of days after the wreck and I am bruised up. My right pinkie was the finger that was injured but it wasn’t broke and with a little ice it is healing.

The bike suffered the most damage in the accident. I was really upset when I saw the bike. I really had intentions of working all night and being able to race on Sunday. We just couldn’t make that happen. The most important thing is that I am OK and we are fixing the bike. If all goes well it will be back out very soon. Sooner than most people think. The question I am getting is “Am I scared to get back on the bike?” The answer is heck no. I am ready. The accident didn’t scare me. Every time you get on the bike you have to be prepared for anything. Thank goodness the situation happened like it did. Thank you so much for all the calls to my team, emails, Facebook messages, twitter messages, and text messages from everyone. It truly means the world to me.

A much needed mini vacationTuesday, May 29, 2012
Posted by: Angie Smith

First I want to apologize for not writing sooner. It’s been two months and I should have written a blog a lot sooner. Things have been so busy from testing to dynoing to building motors. Some days I don’t know which way to turn. With the three-week break after Atlanta I begged for a weekend at the beach and got it. I was pretty happy about it.

Matt booked us a three-bedroom condo at North Beach Plantation and let me just say it’s amazing. The resort has only been open since 2009. It has eight pools, a swim-up bar, DJ by the pool for some music while sunning, a grill, and a nice restaurant. It’s everything you need without leaving the resort.

The weather is absolutely beautiful. Not too hot and not too cool in the evening. It’s about 85 degrees as I sit here on the balcony of the 19th floor overlooking the pools and ocean. I think this was a good little break for us because we have been going non-stop since the beginning of the year. Tyler and Stacy Wilson (Matt’s cousin) joined us for our trip to the beach. We are having such a blast with them.

Since the Atlanta event we had a test session with Michael and Matt. It was to make sure that Matt’s wiring problem was fixed from Atlanta and to test a couple of new things. After rewiring the entire bike it is fixed. We tested at Rockingham Dragway on Wednesday. We only needed to make ,1000-foot runs to accomplish what was needed for data. We made 12 runs in one day between both bikes. I think that’s why Michael Ray stated on Twitter that he wanted to go 1,000-foot racing. I don’t think my hubby’s brain ever stops of thinking of ways to go faster. I guess to keep up with everyone that’s a good thing.

I just wanted to say a couple of things since I haven’t written a blog since Atlanta. We are so proud of Michael Ray. He did such an awesome job in Atlanta for our team on making it to the finals. He kept us alive until the end. Unfortunately he didn’t win but I can assure you that his Wally is right around the corner. We are looking forward to the day we can get him in the winner’s circle and get Matt back to the winner’s circle for the 14th time in his career. We have the best team ever with the Gottsacker family and it’s going to be an awesome year.

With only being three races into the season both of our bikes are in the top 10. When Indy comes around then it’s time to unleash and focus on winning the Championship for the MSR team. One more note I want to say is we are trying really hard to get me back out racing. There are conversations about sponsorship going on. If all comes through I will be back out this year. I am hoping and praying this happens. I am trying to stay positive and get back out soon. Thanks for all the support and I can assure you I am ready to drop the clutch.

Until next time…I am going to continue to enjoy my vacation at Myrtle Beach. We are leaving tomorrow to get back to the grind on Monday because we all know that while we are at the beach, there are people working on horsepower. I can assure you that Matt is as well.

Sucking it upTuesday, March 27, 2012
Posted by: Angie Smith

Well, it’s been awhile. Too long and I am sorry for not writing earlier. Since last talking with everyone we have had one NHRA race, one test session, and one MIRock Race. I can’t tell you that we have not been busy because I would be telling lies. Gainesville was good in some aspects and not so good in others. It was good to start the season back racing but not so good that I wasn’t racing. I had to “suck it up” and be a professional. Friday was pretty rough on me but after that it seemed like reality had set in and I was OK. Now, I am not saying I am happy about it by any means but it is just what I have to deal with right now. I was so happy to get back to the track and see everyone. I really miss my racing family during the winter months. I was glad to hang with the Gottsackers and Rays. They always are so awesome to be around. The stories are endless that go on in our pit area and Michael Ray and I should really start writing a book now highlighting this season.

During pre-season testing Michael and the wall got a little friendly. She smacked him around a little but he is getting better now. At the Gators we as a team had a little bit of bad luck with the bikes. It was just one of those things and hopefully they are out of here. I hate when stuff happens and there is no explanation for it. I guess “that’s racing” is what they say. Matt had an awesome staging battle with Hector Arana Sr. I will tell you I think my adrenaline was going as much as his. Things like that is what sell tickets in the stands. I loved it. Hector and Matt were very professional about the whole thing. I was glad no one was upset with the other. We lost in the semi’s to the Harleys. We got outrun a tenth. Now that’s big horsepower if you ask me. All in all our weekend turned out OK. There were several things I would have liked to change about it but we will be back in Houston in full force.

After completing the NHRA race on Monday we got home just in time to get Tyler’s new Pro Mod bike ready. He is a proud owner of the bagger Pro Mod that I built last year. We headed down to Rockingham on Saturday morning early. Qualifying started at 1pm. After third session of qualifying Tyler was fourth. We were so proud of him. Sometimes going from a slower bike to a faster bike is a complicated task. Well not for Tyler. He did such an awesome job. He was having great lights and running really well. He had Robby Hunnicutt first round and ending up losing to him but it was a great race. Tyler went his quickest ever pass on the Pro Mod bike. He went a 4.28. We are so proud of him. He did really well for only having 4 previous passes on the bike.

So we are heading to Houston in a couple of weeks. We are actually leaving a week early to attend the Gruene Harley Davidson/GottSpeed Racing party at the dealership on April 21. Going to be a lot of fun I am sure. If you’re in the area come by and see us.

The Houston NHRA race is the following weekend so once again we will get to spend some time at Gruene Harley Davidson and with all of our racing family in Texas. Our plans are to get some Wallys this year and I am hoping it starts in Houston.

Until next time…

Ready for the season to startThursday, February 16, 2012
Posted by: Angie Smith

Well the season is starting for the bikes in just about three weeks. The winter has flown by. We built Michael Ray a new bike for the 2012 race season. With multiple trips to Mooresville, N.C., to Good Fabrication where the bike was being built it is finally done. It looks very stellar. We traveled to West Palm Beach last week to get a few laps in for Michael’s new bike and to also test some new things we had been working on through the winter. Testing went great despite dodging rain showers for two days. Matt made about 6 runs, Michael made nine runs and Tyler (Matt’s cousin) was starting a new project. Tyler is learning to ride a Pro Mod bike. He did a great job. Going from one bike to another bike that is a second faster is a hard transition but Tyler made it look easy. Previous to West Palm Beach Tyler’s best e.t. was about 5.20 in the eighth-mile. At the completion of our test session Tyler went 4.36 in the eighth-mile with a 1.08 60-foot time. He did great. Matt and Michael made lots of passes and the research we did over the winter seem to be promising. Overall we were happy with the test session.

Earlier this week we traveled to Texas to get some work done to our trailer before the start of the race season. Competition Trailers took the whole floor out of the rear section of the trailer and replaced it. The project was going to take about 3-5 days so we unhooked the truck and headed south to visit Michael Ray and the Gruene Harley Davidson group. We traveled down on Monday evening and I guess Matt thought it was a great time for me to learn how to drive the truck. I got in the driver’s seat and off we went. I drove about 100 miles. So for my first time of driving for an extended period of time I guess I did ok. Matt and I got up Tuesday morning, which was Valentine’s Day to meet everyone at Gruene Harley Davidson.

We toured the shop, looked at some bikes, checked out the clothing department, and checked out the town. Man that place is beautiful. It reminds me of a beach town with all the shops and restaurants. I got paged over the loud speaker to come to the front of the dealership. I didn’t know what was going on. Matt and Jennifer Ray (Michael’s wife) had got together and I got beautiful roses at the dealership. Matt got lots of brownie points for that one and thank you Jenn for helping. We had lunch at this awesome restaurant by the river. The weather was beautiful and the food was outstanding. We had a great two days at the dealership hanging out with the Ray’s and the Gottsacker family. Thank you for all your hospitality. We are so thankful for Michael and the whole gang to be a part of our team this year. It’s going to be a fun year filled with lots of round wins for the MSR team.

Well I am sure most of the world knows by now that I will not be racing this season. No sponsors have come through for Matt and I so this puts a hold on my dream of racing pro stock bike this year. I am not taking it well but with time I guess I will be ok. I will still be at the races this year helping Matt with the team. My hope and wish is to be back out next season but you never know in this market. I really hope Pomona 2011 was not my last race. I am trying to be positive and optimistic about this deal and keep my head up. I am wishing Michael and Matt all the luck in the world and we are hoping to get both of them in the winner’s circle this year.

Just like to say thank you for all the encouraging notes and emails from my fans supporting me through this tough time. Thank you to all the people trying to help campaign me for a sponsor as well.

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