My first raceFriday, February 14, 2014
Posted by: Richie Crampton, GEICO/Lucas Oil Top Fueler

Well the 2014 Winternationals are in the books, and I definitely enjoyed every second of my first race as a professional driver.
I've always heard drivers talking about our fans and what a difference they make but I never really understood until we got to Pomona. From the moment we started getting ready for Q1, until the end of the day Sunday, I had so many folks stop by the GEICO pit to wish me luck. It was kind of a weird feeling approaching the ropes at the back of the pit area to sign autographs, as a lot of people knew of the changes at MLR, but they hadn’t put a face to the name yet. That kind of back and forth between the fans, asking "Are you the new guy?" was a lot of fun, and it was extremely flattering to hear them say 'go get 'em this season.' Drag racing really has the best fans, so thank you everyone.
In between qualifying, I spent some time at the GEICO midway display with Morgan. Billy Freeman and the gang that work that trailer really know how to entertain a crowd. We were able to interact with so many great characters, as well as hand out some free T-shirts to the crowd. As a side note, GEICO has nailed it again with its latest ad campaign as just about every conversation ended up with us joking about Caleb the Camel, with most of the kids chanting 'Huuump Daaaay.' That always put a smile on my face.
I'm fortunate that Morgan was able to attend Pomona, being the team owner, and as experienced he is with everything to do with my new job, he helped with so many things. Mainly, it was great to just have him there to lean on for advice about everything from driving, to PR stuff, to just cutting-up and helping the team enjoy the process. It was also great to spend time with Forrest and Charlotte Lucas.
Without going into a full race recap, Friday wasn’t quite the start we were looking for, but it was good to get that first run in front of a real crowd out of the way. Smoking the tires on the starting line in Q2 made for a long Friday night, hoping that things would fall into place for Saturday, which thankfully it did. Aaron Brooks and the guys put together a great car that qualified ninth.
I have to say, racing Brittany Force in Round 1 gave me even more respect for the Force family and organization. Brittany took the time to come and introduce herself before the run, by our Sequoia in the staging lanes, and we were able to briefly talk about each of our steep learning curves. While doing so, we were joined by John Force himself, and at the time, I was almost scared of what this legend would have to say to me, but that was definitely the wrong feeling to have. He said, 'Brittany, are you racing the new kid?,' we both kind of nodded our head, and he said, 'Brittany, the Lucas family are good people! You kids just go out there, have fun and race your hearts out.'
I think that short exchange with the Forces will stay with me for the rest of my life, as I a fan of this great sport first and foremost, and now as a driver.
Winning the first round, and running 3.74 was a great feeling for me, but in the second round we had to race Doug Kalitta, who had the baddest car in the pit all weekend. Obviously we couldn’t get around him, and my first weekend as a driver came to an end.
I was instantly thinking ahead to our next race in Phoenix. I think I speak for the entire MLR team when I say that I truly believe we are going to have a great year. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Now I'm going to turn off my computer and enjoy some Indiana weather… (NOT) haha!

Getting acclimatedFriday, January 24, 2014
Posted by: Richie Crampton, GEICO/Lucas Oil Top Fueler

Hi everyone. Well, I finally found some spare time to sit down and write my second blog. I needed to allocate a couple of hours for this, not because I have a lot to say, but because that’s how long it takes for me write something that makes sense.
It was great to get to Florida and start testing. With all of the recent changes at MLR still settling in, going to the race track was something that I think we all needed.
The only problem was it appears we took the cold weather from Indy down to Florida, as most of the days were below average temperatures for that area, which made the track conditions challenging for most of the teams that were there. On the other hand, it gave everyone a great opportunity to really go for it, and as a result we saw some amazing numbers from Shawn Langdon and Antron Brown.
Our GEICO/Lucas Oil dragster made some fairly impressive runs as well. I was able to record my two quickest and fastest runs to date, with a 3.800 and 3.808 both at around 323 mph. This was a huge confidence builder for me, as it seemed like forever since I got to drive Morgan's car to some mid-3.8 runs in Indianapolis before last season's U/S. Nationals.
As we all know Aaron Brooks and this team can put up some very competitive E.T.'s , so even on early shutoff runs, or tire smokers, the incrementals were pretty strong.
Spending the week getting acclimated to my new role as a driver was a huge amount of fun. It was also a huge amount for me to take in. I can’t say enough about the help I received from Morgan, Antron, Steve Torrence, Langdon, Brandon Bernstein and JR Todd. Whether it was just talking about what they experienced while they were learning, to help getting comfortable with safety equipment, they were all available at any time for my questions.
Having J.R. personally take the time to come and watch each run was very beneficial to me. Combine that with the fact I was keeping in constant contact with Morgan about what I felt or how I did meant I had constant input from two very experienced drivers. That input is extremely valuable.
Later in the week the mood unfortunately turned a little as crewman Brandon Greene got word that one of his family members had passed away. Brandon is the long-time cylinder head technician for our team, and the fact he was able to continue to give 110 percent through that tough time was amazing. Everyone at MLR extends their condolences to his family for their loss.
The next stop for me after testing is Charlotte. Toyota has a great media training program that I will be attending, alongside of some new Toyota drivers from other racing series. I can’t wait to meet everyone there, and learn a little more about the other side of our sport that is almost as important as driving the racecars.
Thanks for reading, and wish me luck!

Getting ready for the new seasonMonday, January 06, 2014
Posted by: Richie Crampton, GEICO/Lucas Oil Top Fueler

Well, it’s finally 2014 and all of us at Morgan Lucas Racing are back to work after the holidays, busily preparing for our yearly winter test session in West Palm Beach, Fla.
Of course, things will be slightly different this year with Morgan climbing out of the seat of the GEICO/Lucas Oil Top Fuel dragster. As most of you know by now, that move gives me the opportunity to do what I could only ever dream of before in taking over the driving duties myself.
A lot of people are amazed that I was chosen to drive one of the best Top Fuel cars around, and I understand that thought as I’m still pinching myself. It's the most awesome thing to ever happen to me in my professional life.
I know there have been some great people before me to transition from crew member to driver and I can only hope to follow in their footsteps.
While my former position as the team's clutch guy has been filled, I still am very active at the shop working side by side with Aaron Brooks and Jason Rush. We've been building more dragsters in house for the upcoming season, both for our team and some outside customers. Aaron and Jason are very talented fabricators, so working with them on these projects has been a very welcome distraction for me, giving me less time to dwell on any anxiety regarding my debut.
As far as heading to West Palm, well, I can’t wait. Driving the racecar will be awesome, but the weather alone is going to be a big enough bonus for all of us, as we are in the middle of some bitterly cold days in the Indianapolis area.
Growing up close to the beach in Australia hardly prepared me for the temperatures well below freezing that we are experiencing up here. I must admit, I do enjoy the snow after roughly eight years of adapting to it, however I’m extremely glad I have a 4x4 Toyota Sequoia for those early mornings when the roads have not been plowed yet.
There's cold and then there's COLD, and right now it's COLD.
Upon the completion of the PRO winter warm up in Florida, I'll be returning to Indy for one night, and luckily for us, that happens to be my girlfriend Stephanie’s birthday. The following day I will be heading to Charlotte for some public speaking training, which is one of the things I am really looking forward to sharpening up on as I know the importance of my new role as a spokesperson for GEICO, Lucas Oil, Toyota and all of our other sponsors.
With the Winternationals just around the corner, I am very excited to finally get to race at Pomona. My first NHRA event as a spectator was at the NHRA Finals there in 2000, and I have loved going to that racetrack ever since. The fact that Stephanie’s family lives close by, and Australia is just one long flight across the Pacific from there, makes Southern California a perfect place for our combined families to come and watch.
Pomona also is a second home track for Lucas Oil, so I am really looking forward to seeing some great friends at their West Coast headquarters in nearby Corona.
Thanks for reading my first ever blog. I'm sure I’ll have a lot more to report after testing.


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