Great things are happeningThursday, April 17, 2014
Posted by: Michael Ray, Star Racing Buell

Hello everybody! I hope that everything has been going really well for all of you . The last few weeks surely have been blessed by God for myself and my family with all the great things happening.

We got our season off to a really fast start a few weeks ago down in Gainesville and quickly now we have run our second race of the year. The entire team has shown off when it comes to the horsepower department, unfortunately we haven't been able to turn those into tons of round wins, but we got one in Gainesville and that's more than we had last year at this point. So we'll buckle down, make the bike more consistent, and I’m going to keep driving well so we will be fine when the countdown starts.

The trip for Gainesville was quite the fun family trip… Jennifer and I made plans back in the winter to load up Stinger and Ava then head east for the race, kind of like a big family road trip. I joked with everyone saying that I felt like Clark Griswold heading to Wally World, with all of our luggage unloading at a different location all across America for about a week or two. The dogs did really well sneaking in and out of the non-pet-friendly hotels that we found along the way, they never really bark at anyone so they know the code already of being quiet when they're inside.

The first stop for us was when we had to go Adel, Ga.,for a day of testing, the dogs haven't been to a race track together ever, Stinger went to Houston back in 2011 as a puppy so he was used to the noise. But Ava on the other hand really didn't like the big cars running, she wouldn't freak out but when they would whack the throttle she would jump and look around. She found herself enjoying cleaning up all the loose food that was laying around the track and helping us clean up the trailer when there were bread crumbs on the floor. The testing we did went really well for our first time back out on the track with our Buell since Pomona. I thought that we received great praise from Tim Hailey with Eatmyink.com, he said after watching you guys show up, just unload the bike, then go out and run an .87 out of the truck was amazing. He said he would've never thought we would've made it down the track considering how we showed up with zero testing.

So after a few good passes, GB said lets load that baby up and send it through tech on Thursday. So with us only being a few hours from Daytona Bike Week going on and us a few hours from there, Jenn, the pups, and I headed south to meet up with my father who'd been there for a few days. We hung out there Wednesday and some of Thursday then headed back up to Gainesville to get ready for the weekend. The race went really good for us this year, we stuck it up there on the pole and set a new career ET and MPH for the team. Once everything was said and done we won a round, got some bonus points, and headed back home.

We knew that Charlotte was going to be really good for us after our performance there. So fast forward with me through a few weekends of mowing the lawn and getting my yard all tuned up for the season we headed to Charlotte for the 4-Wide. We unloaded there and really picked right back up where we left off at Gainesville, on the pole and really fast every pass down the track. The next event for us is Atlanta which I'm really excited for, the last time the bikes went there I made it all the way to the my first final ever! Thanks to the help of my good ol' buddy and teammate Matt Smith.

Now most of you may have seen the shirt that I so handsomely wore at the Gators was made by Mr. Smith or Smitty as we'll call him… But he and I have really developed a great friendship since I left his team or at least I thought we were friends, he might say otherwise. I mean would a friend flatten all your tires on your rental car, this one would apparently. We all got up Monday morning to leave, drop the boys off at the truck, and I was going to fly home; well Smitty and those guys had other plans. After a two hour "team building" experience we installed 4 new valve cores and 4 cans of Fix A Flat we limped the car back to the track to fill the tires up to their correct pressure THEN it was time to go home. Now any other team would've been a little more upset than I was but I knew it was all in fun and I already had put an Uncle Hal sticker on the side of his trailer Sunday evening, that he obviously knows about now because he always reads my blogs or he surely has walked around his truck and noticed. I love you Smitty and I'll see you in a few weeks, I know you're going to make hell on my life so this season should be a lot of fun.

I know that I'm not going to be winning any Yard of The Month awards from my HOA but I try, last year was the first summer in our new house so we really spent most of it just getting the inside figured out, organized, and painted. Now that's all done I had to make my way out to the yard. I had a "Man" moment earlier in the season and headed over to Home Depot and splurged. I got a new mower, weed eater, fertilizer, weed killer, and anything else I felt I needed to get my yard from the dump to looking like Augusta. I've spent quite a few evenings out just watering the front yard standing there like a weirdo, we're not supposed to water our yard until at least 8 o'clock at night so I get out there with a cold beer, some flip flops on, and some music jamming and turn it into a little party. It's funny the first time I went out there i was solo with the music, now I go out and turn on the stereo outside and within about 5 minutes all my neighbors are out like I called them out with the music. The summer months will sure be hard on our poor yards unless we get some real rain here sometime really soon. It's been so dry in south Texas for the last few years that we are overdue on some good rain. I know this winter wasn't like anything I’ve ever seen, so hopefully that's a good sign that we're onto something good this spring and summer.

I look forward to seeing you guys out at some races real soon if you can make it out. Please remember that if anyone is looking for a great deal on a Harley that we always deliver for free and can bring it to a race for you anytime, Grueneharley.com is where you can go check out what we have in inventory anytime of the day.