New year, new day, new world…Monday, January 07, 2013
Posted by: Michael Ray, Star Racing Buell

Merry New Year and happy Christmas to everyone! I hope that everyone got to spend a ton of time with their family over the holiday season. I know that Jennifer and I really enjoyed our time with each other and our families over the past few weeks. The shop was closed for a few days and I took all my vacation time at once so I was off work for a total of 15 days out of the month of December; man was that nice!!! I mainly sat at home and tried relaxed but with all that has been going on the past few weeks concerning my future in NHRA I didn’t relax at all. So when it was time to leave and head out for our Christmas trip with Jennifer’s family I had to leave everything at home which I didn’t mind at all.

This year we all decided to go to Red River New Mexico and go skiing for a few days and spend Christmas up there. I was all in 100 percent because I had never really seen snow like that only the annual blizzard conditions of south Texas which can be about an inch annually…. So when we got up in the mountains I loved it. I am a huge outdoors fan and I absolutely love cold weather so you can see why I wanted to go on this trip. Jennifer on the other hand had other plans of playing xBox and lying by the fire for four days, which was ok with me because I was playing in the snow all day. There were a few days that her and I would get out to go shopping together then grab lunch or something. We make it a tradition to spend time with her family during Christmas because her family lives a few hours away so she doesn’t see them as much. Jennifer’s family is really a lot of fun so I really enjoy myself and they have always accepted me being weird so I have to love them for that. I’m really trying to get her family out to a race next year so that thy can experience the sounds and smells of what we all love.

With the holiday season wrapped up I really have been focused on getting 2013 planned out. After the amazing year that our team had last year we really knew that a lot of doors would open up for us to race next year. So when I had to make my decision on where I wanted to race next year I ran through the Sovereign-Star Racing door. I know that these guys are 100% focused on making a championship run this year and I look forward to working towards that goal. Just look at the resume’ of the members of this team and tell me how anyone could say no… I knew that it was not going to be the easiest thing in the world to leave MSR but at the end of the day its business and Matt understood. I will be forever grateful and thankful for my time with MSR, we were an awesome team that made a lot of great memories. That being said I’m really looking forward to hanging out with my new family and make some new memories; although I’ve been here before I’m the FNG now not Andrew Schultz.

These guys at Sovereign-Star Racing are so awesome and have really been coming on strong as of late last season and I know are actively working as I type to come up with some more power so watch out next year… I know that we are going to be starting up and going testing here really soon so it’s hammer down until then. I’m actually going to be going back to attend Frank Hawley’s school in February which I am really looking forward to. That is the most informative and useful training seminar in the world, from George’s on-track training to Frank’s in-class motivational speeches as I call them, these two legends will have you  ready to win a championship. I remember the first school that I went to was back in 2006, I was very fortunate because Angelle and Antron were there so I got lessons from four legends of the sport that week. That school shaped me into the RACER I am today.

It’s bowl time and playoff time so please everyone please eat all the junk food you can, because the real diet programs can’t make it through the best Super bowl parties anyway so don’t try. Now that Ray Lewis is retiring this season I guess I have to keep the dances going, I’m a huge fan of Ray Lewis and the Ravens so him retiring is huge and what a legend of the sport. Now that they have won their first playoff game I have to keep burning the bbq pit down because during race season it doesn’t get a lot of love. I know that I always wait until after Super Bowl before I start watching what I eat to get ready for the gators, that’s just how I roll. So please have fun and go crazy doing it. Also remember hug your family and tell them you love them every time the leave. You only have one family….

All that I could ask for…Monday, November 26, 2012
Posted by: Michael Ray, Star Racing Buell

Well it’s over for a few weeks at least. This ENTIRE year has completely flown right by; it literally feels like it was just a few weeks ago that we were in Denver doing the western swing. But now all the leathers are hung up and we get the tacky Christmas sweaters out. I was really excited about the opportunity that the Gottsacker family gave me when they gave me a brand new bike and the best tuner, equipment, and all the little thing s you need to be successful on the NHRA tour. It’s crazy to think that out of the entire season our team was the only team to take home a prestigious Wally.

I still remember all the days I walked the halls of Star Racing with a all the Wallys I never once touched one, nor did I when I went to Matt’s house and saw his arsenal of Wallys going up his stairs. I mean they would let me, but it wasn’t mine. Call me weird but I remember Doc Rivers when Boston one a few years ago said the same thing. He did not touch the championship trophy during the media events because it wasn’t his yet; that stuck with me until that Sunday afternoon in Ennis Texas. Now Jennifer just makes fun of me because I just sit and hold it on the couch all the time.

The banquet is always fun and NHRA does a great job with ceremony. I was very honored when the Harley Davidson team stood up and recognized our team when they announced my eighth place finish. Also Eddie made a point to recognize us during his speech which was very special considering we raced together for a very long time in AMA/Prostar, thank you Eddie you are a great champion. Also the banquet is a reason to clean up and not be greasers for one night.

My night started off crazy when Jennifer was running late getting her hair done, I got back to the room late so we were both I trouble… I remember sitting there dressed on the bed and the most beautiful woman came through the door with her usual “Hi honey.” Jennifer looked so amazing and I remember sitting there thinking “I’m not late, I’m making an entrance with Jennifer.” So we enjoyed the ceremony and partied with everyone, said our goodbyes, and off to the room we went. The entire crew was all on the same Southwest flight the next morning so we new it would be an adventure getting all of us on the plane and back home. But after a long walk to Pizza Hut in the Phoenix airport and a few iTunes rented movies we made it San Antonio about 6:30 p.m. Now we are so weird, we all spend days on the road with each other but when we land in San Antonio the baggage claim is like a group of strangers. No one says anything to each other, once our bags come out it’s a quick hug and off we go to our separate lives again.

The switch from race team to Harley Davison business team happens. We really don’t talk personally to ach other for several days after each event. If I need Rugger or Hal for anything it better be because the shop is on fire and there is no water. Call us weird but that’s how we roll and that’s how we all can stand to get along with each other. That being said we are all speaking now since we have been home now for about a week now.

With the season being over and now Thanksgiving week is here and now passed by the time this goes up… It is always nice to see everyone out in the shop. Rugger’s kids have been blasting through here, along with his sister Maggie and her husband Brandon. There are a lot of customers that I haven’t seen in a long time that I have ben getting caught up with and it is really nice to see so many of my extended family. For Thanksgiving we are going to go out to Javelina Harley and participate in their annual “Feed the Troops” event. They host over 150 new Air Force recruits to a really nice Thanksgiving dinner. The event is catered by Luby’s with tons of everything you could think food and dessert wise. Then AT&T and Cricket always step up and give us phones for everyone to call and use all day. There is a huge projector that we set up to show football and huge gaming trailer with every new xBox,PS3, or Wii game out. Those are always fun but the coolest part of the entire event is seeing their faces light up when they find out the phones are there and they are free all day. I could just imagine the emotions that they must feel being away from home haven’t spoken to my family in a few weeks than to completely surprise them on Thanksgiving… Man that just gives me chicken skin thinking about it. Then we went and had dinner then finished off the evening with some Black Ops 2 with Matt and his brother in law Scott. Then it was back to work Friday morning.

Well I will once again thank each and every person that has helped me through out this roller coaster season that was NHRA Full Throttle 2012. I get very emotional thinking about how this year was more than I ever thought it would be. The mental and physical toll that this season has taken on me and team was unbelievable. I never would have imagined sitting in Valdosta Georgia with a hole in my foot after hitting the wall on the first full pass out on the new bike before Gainesville that we would end up the only team that would enjoy the winners circle this year other than the Harley team and finish in the top ten. I will keep you posted on what’s happening throughout the offseason. I mean the annual Gottsacker Christmas party is in 2 weeks so anyone that truly knows Team Toxic knows there is no true offseason here with Uncle Hal. Have an awesome holiday season and stay in touch with me via Twitter and Facebook.

Stay gold, Ponyboy…..


Like being shot out of a cannon…Thursday, October 11, 2012
Posted by: Michael Ray, Star Racing Buell

Hello to all my crazy nitro sniffing friends that keep up with my blog. I’m SOOOO sorry that it’s been this long since I have updated this; but if you have been watching the past few weeks you know that it’s been crazy. Since we wrapped up the U.S Nationals for the second time this year it’s been 6 straight weeks on the road for all of us, and for me having a to fly home work, fly back race, and the do it over again, I just haven’t stopped long enough to get everyone up to speed. I’m actually 32,000 feet in the air with Uncle Hal flying back from a wet but fast Maple Grove event. Now that we’re done with the crazy race spree I’m excited to get to go home and spend some time with Jennifer and enjoy some golf. I got some new golf clubs for my birthday back in August and the only time I’ve even got to use them was when Star Racing rider John Hall and I played in the Eric Medlen charity tournament that Morgan Lucas hosts in Indy. It was a really good time getting to play golf with all the teams and drivers from the NHRA tour. I felt like such a geek out there because even though I have been on tour now for a year, I’m still star struck to see all the drivers. I mean come on I’m diehard NHRA fan.

As many of you know I’ve been working for the Gottsacker family for 7 years now, and it’s been such an amazing opportunity that they have given me to learn the ins and outs of a successful Harley Davidson dealership, and for the past 2 years I’ve been their Parts and Accessories Manager at Gruene Harley Davidson. Well that changed before we left for Charlotte. There was an amazing opportunity for me to learn another trade in the shop and that was motorcycle sales when one of our salesman transferred to our sister store Javelina Harley Davidson. When I found out the position was open I went to our General Manager Trevor and told him I was really interested in stepping down and move into sales. Trevor was really shocked that I would want to step down and embark on another adventure, but I told him that I felt it was best for the Part Department and for the dealership to have some stability in a manager being there every day instead of 2 maybe 3 days a week. Trevor really respected my decision, interviewed me twice, and on Thursday before I left for Charlotte he pulled me into his office to tell me I was the newest sales associate at Gruene Harley Davidson. I was really excited because this will really add to my resume’ and keeps me moving forward towards my goal of owning my own dealership one day. I can just see the sign now that says Michael Stingray Harley Davidson, it’s kind of catchy don’t you think? I’ve really been traveling a lot since my new promotion and haven’t really learned everything, but I have sold 5 motorcycles in the 7 total days since I started, and trust me that’s not too bad. So I think once I build my customer base up I will rock and roll with this new sales gig.

I’m sure that everyone knows now that in Dallas I achieved the biggest dream and goal of my entire life when I won my first national event. It was such an amazing feeling to get my first win at the same track I got my first win with Uncle Hal and Gottspeed Racing. Also with my entire family there and over 50 coworkers and friends there made it even more special. I can still remember the win light coming on and just thinking thank you Jesus for every blessing you have given me and letting me live my dream.

After I was done with Gary Gerould and the ESPN2 crew I got spend a few minutes with my family on the top end before the winner’s circle celebration started, and that was very emotional because my parents have sacrificed so many things for me to get to live this dream; getting to hand them that Wally it was very emotional. The coolest part of the entire evening of celebration was after we were done in the winner’s circle Jennifer, Rugger Gottsacker (Hal’s son and my team owner), and a few of our real close friends just walked back through the pits laughing and soaking it all in. That 15-minute walk back to the trailer was the best trip back to the trailer I’ve made. I got a little teary eyed because that group of us all works together every day to make this happen and we achieved our goal. So we had our celebratory dinner and then it was back to business the next morning testing. I made a few passes on my bike and when I thought I was done for the day Matt came to me and said go get dressed you are riding my bike. I was more nervous riding his bike than the first time I ever rode a Pro Stock Buell. I mean come on, he’s the boss and I knew I better not mess up. All in all testing went well and then we loaded up and headed to St. Louis and from there Reading. Like I said the past few weeks have been full throttle, so I’m kind of glad to get home for a few weeks before the last two races.

I hope all of you have had the chance to notice that Viper Motorcycle Company has stepped up in a huge way to sponsor Matt and me for the rest of the season. The new wraps on the bikes look awesome and to get them in the winner’s circle was very special. Viper Motorcycle Company builds some really great motorcycles and really does some great things in the motorcycle industry and our sport. So I am looking forward to building on our new relationship and hope to continue to move forward for next year. If you have some time please go check them out at ViperMotorcycle.com to check out their motorcycles.

I can’t say thank you enough to everyone that helps our team out, like Red Line Oil, S&S, Mac Tools, and, of course, Matt and Angie Smith. These two opened up their team to us and made us really feel like family, so thanks Matt and Angie — I couldn’t have accomplished this without you two. Also Mike who works on my bike and came on in Indy, he is as cool as the other side of the pillow. For a driver that is a great feeling having a crew member that keeps his cool in tough situations like we’ve experienced the past few weeks, so thanks Mike.

I am going to wrap this up and let you get on with your day. I promise I will do a better job of keeping up with my blog. Remember I work in sales now, so if anyone needs to fulfill their dream of owning a new Harley Davidson motorcycle or a new Viper Diamondback please call me and I’ll take good care of you. Thanks again for all your support and I’ll talk to you soon.

Mil Wacky!Monday, August 27, 2012
Posted by: Michael Ray, Star Racing Buell

What’s shakin, bacon?! I feel like it’s got to be June 15th or something like that; not August 27th and three days before the U.S Nationals. It’s so weird that time flies like it does. I remember one of my teachers in high school telling me that when I got older that time would just fly by without even noticing. Back then it seemed like my world revolved around dove season, deer season, and duck season. I didn’t really look at a calendar other then I knew when dove season opened was when school was starting and that meant I wasn’t going to a lot of classes the first few days because it was time to kill some birds. But now I drive by the local high school here in New Braunfels and there is a part of me misses when life was that easy and carefree. I mean don’t get me wrong…

My life isn’t that hard to get through now, I mean I have an amazing wife, the koolest job in the world, and I get to live my life dream; but come on it’s already the end of August and I just turned 28. People ask me how old I am all the time and I have to think about it. My world feels like it’s in high gear just past the thousand foot cones and really flying. But I guess that’s kind of fitting for my favorite saying; you better grab a Full Throttle, cause you can’t sleep through life.

The past few weeks have been busy for all sides of my life. There was a huge party in Minnesota that we went to that also had a drag race going on during the day. Harley Davidson celebrated their 110th birthday this past week in Milwaukee, and we are gearing up for our annual For The Love of Kids and Harleys charity golf tournament and live auction. So if you just look at the location of all the pictures taken on my iPhone over the past six weeks I have been a lot of different places and seen some awesome stuff. My mom always gets on to me for never taking pictures when I go anywhere, so I have been loading up Instagram and my phone with pictures from all my travels.

One of the really fun places that I took advantage of my time while I was in the city was the Harley Davidson Museum. While we were in Milwaukee at the dealer show we had a few hours to kill so my dad and I had a father son bonding experience and went through there. Harley Davidson does such great job supporting their brand that I knew that the museum just had to be awesome and let me tell you they didn’t let me down. I bet dad and I walked around on that place for a good 3 hours just looking at all the kool stuff. To me the koolest part of the entire place was seeing number 1, the first ever Harley Davidson ever built and how awesome of a job they did restoring it. Another really interesting thing about the display of number 1 was the flooring in display area. It was the actual hard wood flooring out of the original Harley Davidson building from 1903! I thought that was so kool that they did that for such a piece of American history. In one area was the engine room. This is where they had EVERY engine that they had ever built except Eddie and Andrew’s engine of course; not taking any shots.

It was so neat to just look at the evolution of technology and even see engines that they developed and never even brought out, like the Nova project. This was a V-4 that was built in the '70s I think… that never became available for the public, but they had the engine and the actual bike there on display.

For a Harley enthusiast like I am to get to see that bike was pretty cool. I remember Uncle Hal and Louie Netz telling me stories of that bike. So if you are ever in Milwaukee and get a chance to explore the museum please take the time to go check it out.

As far as racing is concerned we are getting ready for Indy and really getting ready for the Countdown to start. I am pretty well locked in the countdown I think. From my math I think all I have to do is enter and go down the track to put my name on that board. Then all we got to do is race hard so Matt can get his name up there. He is really working hard making me look good and now it’s time for me to help him out a little. I know that the results aren’t showing for it, but Matt and Angie have been killing themselves at the shop 16 hours a day to figure out what’s been holding us back from being the team the we were the first few races where we went to a couple semis and a final. So don’t think that we’ve been goofing off and not working; it’s just tough out there right now and we’re knee deep in the action trying to turn on some win lights. So please keep your fingers crossed and anytime you come by the pits please tell Matt and Angie how great of a job they do. I know I tell them a few thousand times a week, but I don’t think they believe me. It’s so weird to think that we only have 7 more races left in the season. I still remember the first day of testing in West Palm when I sat on my new bike. It was so awesome and I couldn’t wait to pull through the gate in Gainesville, now we’re planning for the banquet and making plans for 2013.

Please make sure and come by the trailer if you are at any of the races. It’s so nice to meet everyone at the races and it’s always nice to hear someone tell me that they read my blog. Remember you can follow me on Twitter and on Facebook. Have a good one and remember, never put your finger anywhere you wouldn’t put your face….

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