Moving the earth for my wife!Thursday, March 12, 2015
Posted by: Jack Beckman, Infinite Hero Dodge
Let’s see: Lawn’s mowed, workouts done, suitcase is packed, kids are clean and in  bed, and I thought I was all set to head to Florida to pick up my trophy, then … oops! -- looks like I forgot that little something called “my blog.” Okay, I’ll attempt to meander through this without the aid of coffee, mint and chip ice cream, or red wine. Damn, this may be tough!

After our test session following Pomona (which we did in Phoenix), we had every reason to be optimistic about winning the second race on the 2015 NHRA schedule. Then fate once again reared its ugly head, and our Infinite Hero hot rod didn’t look so hot in Arizona. After making only one full run in our five attempts (including a first round loss to teammate TJ in the Make-A-Wish Dodge Charger), we knew we needed more laps to figure things out. We already intended to stay the Monday after the race and test the six-disk clutch configuration (we run a 5-disk right now, but feel that the extra disk will ultimately give us more control on hotter racetracks), but we decided to use the day to just flog our current combo and zero in on what the car needs. We ran 4.003, 4.008, 4.29 after dropping a cylinder and shutting off early, and a monster 3.957 at 323.97 mph, both by far my absolute bests. I think it’s fair to say we feel very strongly about making a positive statement in Gainesville!

Perhaps I should digress and mention that, after testing ended, I still had a 360-mile trip in the RV to get the family back home (we arrived at 2 a.m.), THEN I had to drive to LAX (add 65 more miles) the next morning to catch my flight to El Paso.

After arriving Tuesday afternoon (quite tired I may add), it was straight to the campus to film a commercial for WT. The students who participated in the filming were lots of fun, and we were highlighting their motorsports high-performance program, which features a Funny Car and Top Fuel dragster assembled at DSR by Terry Snyder.

After Antron and I got done speaking Wednesday, I still had several hours before my flight home. I got a great tour at MSD and was blown away at how big, state-of-the-art, and comprehensive their product line is. They have engine and chassis dynos, a hot-rod shop, and engineers and R&D folks everywhere!

With still half an hour to kill before needing to be at the airport, I headed over to the El Paso Motorplex, the local quarter mile. Always a sucker for tracks that I’ve never been to, especially the “smaller” kind, this was cool to see. No one was running, so Silver (my buddy from MSD) and I cruised down at a leisurely 25mph just to check out the sights.

I’m very excited to be able to emcee another event at the NHRA Museum, this one being a tribute to Irwindale Raceway, which will be April 4. There’s a Facebook page, and tickets are selling fast. Check it out; you’ll be amazed at the list of attendees. Go on the Museum’s home page for all the info.

Back on the home front, I sure thought I was close to finished with the backyard. That’s before Jenna actually communicated to me her “vision” for our estate. Originally I believe she wanted to line the 1,600-square-foot upper area with gold, platinum, and Brazilian spruce trim, whereas I had something more along the “dirt” look in mind. We both really like the fake grass ... until you price that stuff! So we’re gonna go with pea gravel, which necessitated bringing the dirt level down significantly.

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2015 Phoenix: One nice thing about having the RV is getting to occasionally hang out with some cool folks. Phil Lloyd was a student at the Hawley School, and he brought Joyce and Chris over to help babysit while Jenna cleaned and vacuumed!
I originally figured I’d just spread the pile that was remaining around until things looked reasonably close to level, and then call it done. Her plans require laser-precise grades, which uncovered LOTS more granite (which I knew, hence my “close enough” vision for the finished product). After spending several hours with my buddy Dennis’ Bobcat (ASAP rentals), I had unearthed more rock than I could deal with. Sully (my buddy, the “deacon of dirt”) sent in his big guns: the John Deere and Ryan, who makes moving dirt look like, well ... spreading butter (couldn’t think of a more clever analogy, so we’ll go with that). Despite Ryan’s best effort with the rippers, the gannon, and the four-in-one bucket (these are industry terms I’m throwing in to try and make myself look smart), which did grind down, rip out, and fracture nearly all of the granite, I’m still stuck with about 10 square feet of, um ... ”rock solid” (another bad metaphor) stuff that won’t budge. So next week should see the return of the enormous jackhammer, feature a rental dump truck, and star Sully, Ryan and Jack in what I hope is one of the last acts of, “My backyard is killing me!”

I’ve also been out to two days of the BRAKES driving school in Pomona, which was sponsored by Mopar and really looked professional with the big display trailer out there for all the students to ogle over.

I got to attend one day of the March Meet, which unfortunately always falls right near Jason’s birthday. Friday was my only opportunity to go, and Brent Cannon and I typically ride up together. Having to run the SCEDA race the following two days (Brent and Staci manage the bracket racing association), he wasn’t able to attend. My Uncle John decided to accompany me, and we had a great time. He’s the one who took me to my first drag race ever, and we haven’t got to spend this much time together in probably 20 years. When I tell you he’s got a photographic memory and is a walking encyclopedia on the sport, I’m not exaggerating. You can’t believe his recall when it comes to driver’s competition numbers, hometowns, records, and races attended. Anyway, it was a perfect day up in B’Field, and we closed it by attending the Smokers Car Club annual dinner, with some genuine hot-rod legends.

I mentioned Jason’s birthday, as he turned 8 on March 8. He really wanted to not only go to Legoland in San Diego, but to spend the night in their hotel adjacent to the park. We brought along his BFF from school, Derek, to increase Jason’s enjoyment. Yeah, three kids in the same hotel room with us -- LOTS of enjoyment! We headed down Sunday with Cindy following behind (she had to work Monday) and spent the day at the park. We would have gone Saturday, but the hotel was completely booked. Since both Jason and Derek are home-schooled Monday and Tuesday, it wasn’t a big deal staying over to Monday, and we got to do several more rides and attractions (If I sound like an ad for Legoland, I’m NOT. I think we could have bought my fake grass for the backyard with the money we spent on our package “deal”!).

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Ah, the gift shop at an amusement park. Lots of quality, reasonably priced items that are not only durable, but also educational. Arrrrr!
We had to hustle back Monday afternoon, as Jason’s baseball season officially started (for some reason they decided to move the first game up one week, AFTER we had scheduled the whole birthday deal). I didn’t want Jason to miss the first game, plus I’m one of the coaches, and I know I’ll be missing plenty of games due to the racing schedule. We made it back in time for the game, my little man got a base hit and eventually scored, and our Angels (the team’s name, not a description of the participants) won their opener ... wow!

I also managed to squeeze in a trip to a local middle school for their career day (just in case any of them want to be Funny Car drivers!) and got to hang out with one of my rock heroes.

Allow me to clarify: Joe Benson (“Uncle Joe” is his handle), is one of the most influential DJ’s in the last 30 years, with access to interview EVERY top rocker in the U.S. and abroad. He’s the go-to guy for many folks to get the straight scoop on all things rock, and he’s my buddy.

The station he’s at (100.3 The Sound in downtown LA) just constructed “Uncle Joe’s Garage” in one of their office spaces, an area that will allow Joe to do video interviews with all sorts of guests and post them online. Joe is also quite a car nut and has been wonderful to the motorsports community on his radio broadcasts. The guy can drive, too!

Anyway, I was guest #0002 (I threw in the zeroes to make myself seem more important), and I think this deal is gonna be a hit. I don’t even know how to get to my own Facebook, but do yourself a favor and find (and Like) “Uncle Joe’s Garage” -- you’ll get access to some cool stuff.

While at the station they also let me do the “My Turn” portion of their program, which features a guest DJ playing a dozen songs of their own choosing. Slave as I am to the “hair band” era, I also am a devout classic rocker, so I’ll try and keep you guys advised on when my rotation comes up.

All right, that’s it for me. It’s approaching midnight, and I have to be on the road to the airport at 5:30 in the morning.

I’m hopeful that Don Schumacher will be able to attend his first race of the year. His radiation treatments ended the Friday of Phoenix, but I’m not even sure he’s yet been able to eat solid foods. I know all of us look forward to his full recovery, and being out at the track certainly should help his spirits.

Stay tuned, keep your dirt clean, graded, and rock-free, keep your Lego’s away from your Eggo’s, Like Uncle Joe, and “I love Rock and Roll.”
18th … but not for long!Thursday, February 19, 2015
Posted by: Jack Beckman, Infinite Hero Dodge
Layla thinks I’m “#1”, Jason is giving me the thumbs-up, and I’ve got trash cans and plywood shielding the draining oil from the Norco winds…that’s a good day!
Friday night of the Winters I was part of the panel emceed by my good friend Bob Frey, who came to town to host the Dale Armstrong memorial. Dixon, TJ, JR, and Erica also were panelists. The NHRA Museum does this every Friday of the national events. If you haven’t attended, you need to!
Here’s the tribute to one of the best men to be involved in our sport, the great Dale Armstrong. It was awesome to see how many people showed up for Dale’s “celebration of life.”
At the end of this rainbow is the garage that COST me a pot of gold!

Yes, after a “less than illustrious” Winternationals debut for our new 2015 Dodge Charger, our Infinite Hero team didn’t take a moment to feel sorry for ourselves, blame the weather, or look for excuses. We got right to work, booked a test session two days later in Phoenix, and got motivated to fix whatever ailed us, so we can get to winning. Yeah…18th place sucks!

You know what else sucks? Well, apparently my discretion about vehicle maintenance. Without getting into ALL the boring details, I do all the service work on my RV myself. Yep, that includes two huge oil filters, 36 quarts of 15W40, and every other assorted filter (there are LOTS of them). That is, all but one. See, this one fuel filter (there are two for engine fuel, plus one for the generator and one for the water heater system) has been nothing but a pain in the rear. When I had originally ordered all the replacement filters online for last years’ service, the unit they sent me would not work, so I reinstalled the original. I’ve since had it off three additional times to try and get a suitable replacement, but never had any luck. Each time I reinstalled it, I would re-prime the fuel system (you DO NOT want to run out of fuel in a diesel…nightmares will ensue…be warned!). I’d never had a problem…until 10am this morning.

You see, last night the appropriate filter arrived in the mail, and, against all good judgment, I just HAD to install the new unit before our trip to Phoenix. My logic was infallible; I’d performed this procedure three times in the past, plus two more with the other filter, and NEVER had an issue. Maybe that’s because it wasn’t on the day of departure. So, after I lubed the O-rings, I attempted to install the new unit. After several failed attempts, including removing the O-ring and making sure the threads were all clean, I finally had to reuse the old O-ring, which had enough “crush” in it to ensure being able to start the threads. I should have known!

At this point I also noticed that one of the “check valve” mounting legs (they’re very, very thin metal) was cracked, which may have happened when I screwed the unit on without the O-ring, or maybe God was just mad at me today? I did what I thought was the prudent thing, and decided to ignore it, got everything buttoned up, primed, and fired the RV. About the time I got done patting my back, giving myself high-fives, and taking selfies with the old filter, the rig shut off. I knew this wasn’t good! Yep, vapor-lock in a diesel is nearly a death sentence.

Let me just give a synopsis of the next three hours, which including bringing neighbor Matt, who is a great diesel mechanic over, jury-rigging the check valve three different ways, and running the batteries down trying to crank it over and purge the air out of the system, I decided to take my “hail-Mary” shot: go back to the old filter and O-rings, spin counter-clockwise four times whilst chanting a Hindu poem, and putting my shoes on the wrong feet. That did the trick! (I’m pretty sure the poem and shoe thing didn’t have much to do with it, though). And, there is a custom-made sheet metal shim to hold the check valve in the correct location…fingers crossed!

Yeah, I have ZERO clue what’s up, other than perhaps the filter just wasn’t seating well enough to allow it to fully prime and bleed the air out, but it made for a very frustrating waste of three hours (not to mention the 30 bucks for the filter!).

Anyway, I didn’t want to procrastinate again on the blog, and I so appreciate you guys sticking with me, so I figured I’d let you immerse yourselves in my misery and feel a bit better about your day!

I mentioned we tested in Phoenix. We made four runs, the first three of which I lifted at half-track. There really was no reason to leg the car out to 1000’, as our problems in Pomona were right after the launch. It appears that whatever Jimmy, John, Chris, Chris, Ryan, Alex, Joe, Sam, Matt and Nathan did worked…and I don’t think it was a Hindu chant!

We ran 4.09, 4.12, 4.12, and a 900’ shutoff 4.05 to close the day. The first three runs were between a 3.98 and 4.05, and the last one was a 4.03, so I believe we have every reason to be optimistic going into race #2. And, if things aren’t going well, I’ll just tell the guys to put the old fuel filter back on…works every time! Or, I can make a custom shim with some tinsnips and old roof flashing material!

I mentioned that I do all the work that I can on the RV, as well as around the house. Frugal would be a euphemistic way of referring to my “cheapness”, and I’m comfortable with that. I just can’t see spending money when I don’t need to, especially now that I’m married!

In fact, with me doing the labor and NAPA helping out with most of the filters this year (they don’t carry the cursed “Raycor S 3230P”), I probably saved myself around $200. Just when I was thinking I’d put aside nearly enough to purchase a new surf wetsuit (every other year, I take advantage of the Body Glove 30% off sale…like free money!), Jenna calls and has the RV carpets and tile cleaned. Yep, there’s $125 out of my sea outfit!

So, I get real creative to secure the rest of my necessary funds: It was going to cost $400 to have the diamond patterns cut in the new concrete driveway, or I could rent a big saw for about $125 and do it myself. Option three, the least expensive, was to plunk down $75 for a trolley to mount my skilsaw on, and have a go. I went with option four, which consisted of $5 worth of closet door rollers, some scrap ½” angle, and some more fun on my welder creating my own trolley. Throw in $30 for the concrete blade (I did purchase the best version…I’m not cheap on EVERYTHING!)

Here’s some father-son bonding with my 77-year old pops. There’s nothing clean about concrete dust, but our low-dollar system worked just fine!

My first cut was very difficult, as the concrete dust instantly obscured my chalk line. I resumed work on it when Super Comp racer Glenn Kern (the MacGyver of the sportsman racers) was over before the Winters. He grabbed my leaf blower and blew away the dust, making it much easier. I resumed my cutting the day after Pomona, and this time my dad did the honors (he had to work off his room and board before heading back to Texas). We got better than halfway through, and part three consisted of buddy Jim Campbell on the blower. Yes, it doesn’t pay to know me when there’s a project that needs to be completed, but “I got by with a little help from my friends!”

So; it appears the RV is running, I’ve washed and waxed it (that was real fun, but look at all the money I’m saving!), the PT is reasonably clean and ready to tow behind (I even tried waxing the PT, but after about 10 minutes I realized it was bit like spraying air freshener on a dog poop-it probably does something, but it certainly isn’t worth the effort!), and I splurged and bought a winter AND spring wetsuit! Yes, please don’t tell Jenna, or she’ll think it’s open season on the American Express again, but I really enjoyed getting wet the last few times, and the old suit was due to be retired.

Okay, I’m getting the sign that it’s time to roll for Phoenix.

Stay tuned, keep your chalk lines straight and your fuel system primed, and 36 quarts equal 9 gallons!

I can’t wait!Wednesday, February 04, 2015
Posted by: Jack Beckman, Infinite Hero Dodge

Being a resident of Southern California, I’ve always looked forward to the Winternationals. As a kid, I can remember waking up Sunday morning at 5am, folding and bagging newspapers on the front porch with my brother Ted, loading them into the back of our ’69 Blazer, and sitting on the tailgate while our dad drove up and down each street of our four paper routes until the last one was delivered. Then it was on to IHOP for some “Pigs in the Blanket,” and hit the 210 Freeway for the 50 mile drive to Pomona. Great memories… and something that I always looked forward to.

The new coin looks great, but what it represents is help and hope for so many who deserve our support. I sure hope all of you will be onboard with this program and make a difference for our troops and their families.
What a fun time with Dave and his great production crew! I didn’t realize that my big head blocked out most of his last name…oops!
In my right hand is a defective thermistor. In my left hand there sits $30 and six hours of hard labor. Surrounding me is a black hole that sucks money and life-force out of whoever is listed on the title!
With the Riley Girls and the Racing Boys at the charity bowling event. I’m not saying Eddie Krawiec’s facial hair grows fast, but I swear he was clean-shaven when he started game 1!
Jason’s played enough video games that, he assured me, if the gentleman in the right seat would’ve yielded the cockpit, he was at least 35% sure he could get us off the ground in one piece.
There it is in all its glory. Yep, 4 years of headache, permits, agony, surveys, stress, new deeds, and cash, but it’s finally finished, and now I can…
…put my old race car inside and watch it collect dust!

That being said, I may be more excited about the 2015 edition (the 55th annual) of the Winters than any before. After a disappointing 2014, I’m even more motivated to end my winless streak, and I think everything is in place to do that.

Our Florida test session was, err…”tricky.” We tried several combinations with varying degrees of success and eventually went back to the clutch combo that we ran in Pomona last year. All of the Funny Cars really struggled to consistently get down the track, so I’m more than happy with our last two passes, a 4.03 and 4.00, both over 321 mph. You never know how testing will carry over to actual racing conditions, but I have every reason to feel very optimistic.

The best part of testing was when Don (Schumacher) showed up Friday afternoon. After his radiation treatment, he got on a plane and headed over to spend time with all of his teams. I was very pleasantly surprised, and I really hope things go well enough that maybe he can come see us at the first two races. That being said, his long-term health is really the important thing.

With Infinite Hero on board all season, raising money to help our wounded veterans is priority one for me. Last year I carried the military-style “challenge coins” with me every run starting at Houston, and we far exceeded my most optimistic predictions. You, the NHRA fans, bought roughly 700 coins and helped raise more than $70,000, just in that ONE aspect of fundraising!

For 2015, we have a new style coin and will continue the program. Every time I go down the track I will have 10 coins with me, meaning each run has the potential of raising $1,000 to benefit our heroes. Not only will you guys be able to do this in person at each event, but it can also be done online (Infinitehero.org) if that’s more convenient.

I taped an episode of the Dave Despain show today up in Rancho Cucamonga (funny sounding, but nice town). It’s great to see drag racing getting so much mainstream coverage, and I had a great time. The entire half hour show is just Dave and me, and he’s doing it with several other NHRA stars.

Because I was so remiss in staying up with my blog, I promised on my last entry that I would try to catch you guys up on some of my activities…so here goes:

Perhaps my most enjoyable speaking engagement so far came during the Finals last year when I was chosen to emcee an event for the NHRA Motorsports Museum, specifically the opening of an awesome new display there. As well as hosting the event, I got to direct questions to an all-star panel that included Dave McClelland (one of the voices of NHRA’s past, an incredible emcee, and just a bitchin’ all-around dude), Tommy Ivo, Tom McEwen, Ed McCulloch, Shirley Muldowney, and Don Garlits. Seriously, they let ME emcee! I was so honored, humbled, and tickled to be in the same room with all those folks, plus many other legends like Art Chrisman, Craig Breedlove, Jerry Ruth, and many others.

I continue to work on the RV…like it or not (I choose, “not”). The convection/ microwave went out, and it’s not an inexpensive unit. I knew how to fix it, but my fix involved 3 gallons of gasoline, a lit match, and a long walk home. Jenna took the high road, went on the internet, and suggested that perhaps the thermistor (basically an over-temp circuit breaker) had given up the ghost. The bad news is that, by the time I figured out how to dismount the unit from under the counter, disassemble it, locate, test, order and replace the part (she was right), then reassemble and reinstall it, it took a long time. The good news is that I didn’t have to waste 3 gallons of gas!

We got the bodywork done in the off-season from our blowout coming home from Sonoma. It turned out fine, except they forgot to replace the mud flap that now lies somewhere up on I-5. Had Dave at the RV place not provided me with the materials to make a new unit, I was really tempted to dig out my gas jug and lighter. The good news is that the new unit looks just peachy, the bad news is that by the time I made a template of the unit on the other side, jig-sawed out the rough part, ground it down to size, smoothed all the edges, then mounted it, I was 4 hours older and no wiser.

I flew out to Indy during our downtime to participate in the DSR Riley Children’s hospital bowling fundraiser, which packed the local alley with supporters. We also poured a new seat insert while I was there, and I got to attend our yearly Christmas party.

Jason and I flew out to Denver to see our first ever professional football game. My pal, former Top Fuel racer Ray Stutz moved out there to get his body tattooed blue and orange and stalk the team…he’s THAT hardcore! It was a fun adventure, but cold. Jason and I were surprised on both ends of the journey by the Southwest pilots. Seems my good buddy, Captain Jeff Kilponen (a 737 jockey), had found out my flight plans, got ahold of his cohorts, and arranged some neat stuff for my little man. We got to get some photos in the cockpit on the outbound leg, and Jason got some cool Southwest apparel on the return portion.

I guess I took some flack on Facebook for wearing the Bronco colors during the game, but when Ray told me not to bring any heavy clothing, I didn’t know he was going to dress me up to look like I’d robbed every item from their merchandise outlet!

Jenna’s grandpa, Bill, flew out again for Christmas this year. We took him all over, including the Reagan Library, and we again went to watch some of the Rose Parade floats being assembled. Jason and Layla even got to glue on a couple of seeds and flowers, so of course we had to watch the parade to see “their floats.” I’m no dummy though: I DVR’d it so I could condense it into 10 minutes of marching!

Once the concrete was cured in the backyard (I don’t mean it had a disease, I was referring to the drying process), Jenna demanded four-foot diamond pattern relief cuts to match the rest of the driveway. When my new pal, Al…the concrete guy, told me it would run about $400 for the saw and labor to cut the pattern, I explained that I wanted a diamond “shape,” not to purchase a diamond. I decided to buy a roller trolley for my skilsaw, a concrete blade, and some plastic kneepads (which should also come in handy when I’m on my knees praying that the motorhome doesn’t break again) and give it a go with my trusty chalk line and loads of ambition. Then I found out the trolley cost $70…for something that will get used once. Plan B (no, not the one with the gasoline and matches…that’s plan C) involved the purchase of five bucks worth of closet door rollers, welding together some scrap ½” channel, and giving that a shot. With the help of friend and Nor Cal Super Comp racer Glenn Kern, I’ve already cut about 1/4 of the lines, and they don’t look too bad. Glenn had brought his RV overnight after he dumped his trailer in the holding lot at Pomona, and I figured it was a great chance to get a hand on some projects. Clever as Glenn is, he came up with using a leaf blower to keep the concrete dust from obstructing my chalk line…and it worked like a charm!

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Dylan Horridge is a gentleman and let Jason sit in his car right before going up for an elimination round. Great kid(s)!
Never one to pass up an opportunity, having Glenn around seemed the right time to offload all of the excess masonry block from the past 3 ½ years of wall building around Beckman Manor. Never one to wince at loading any amount of tonnage in the old Nissan, I about peed myself once I saw how much my brand new Hemi Ram was squatting with all that weight. Glenn and I cruised at 45 all the way to the block company to offload an enormous eyesore (the blocks, not Glenn). That’s one more thing crossed off the list!

I’ve got to spend plenty of time (for me) surfing, and I even went out one morning with Jeff Diehl (FC racer…the “Surfer”). We’re hoping to hook up again when it’s a little bigger. Jeff goes out on 25 foot waves, Jack’s limit is about 8 ½!

I spent several hours this past weekend at Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, a mere 20 minutes down the road from Pomona. Brent and Staci Cannon run the SCEDA events, and the place was pretty packed. I took Jason so he could have a close up look at the Jr. Dragster, and that may have been a huge mistake on my part…he really seemed to like them!

Del Worsham was there with his daughters, TAFC racer Doug Gordon…ditto, and Robert Hight had Autumn entered in her first eliminations ever. Even John Force showed up, and it was great to be around all the sportsman racers again.

By the time you read this I will have already parked the RV in the pits at Pomona (complete with jug of gas and lighter…just in case!), taken care of the NHRA media day at the track, and gotten in another radio interview. Thursday I’ll pick my dad up at the airport, attend the Dale Armstrong memorial at the track (Bob Frey is coming out to emcee the event for one of my all-time favorite drag racers), and go hang out with a bunch of the legends of Top Gas during our twice-a-year AA/GD spaghetti dinner. That room is packed with hitters, and Brent and Staci have done a phenomenal job of coordinating each of these events.

Friday we’ll officially begin the year, host a press conference to formally announce the Infinite Hero Foundation program, and hopefully start collecting points.

I shall also be writing a daily blog for the Inland Empire newspaper, with four entries, beginning on Friday morning. I’d really love to finish the series with a report from the winner’s circle!

Stay tuned, love your motorhome, don’t overload your pickup, and I sure do miss Pigs in the Blanket at IHOP!

Posted by: Jack Beckman, Infinite Hero Dodge
Once the season ended, there were only two places where I was going to cheat on my “no gluten” diet. IHOP, and Bob’s Big Boy. Grandpa Bob and the kids pose next to Cowboy Bob (Norco mandated the cowboy hat before issuing a building permit!) Jason has the pose down pat!

No excuses….I’ve been horrible about getting on the computer, and writing a blog entails sitting in front of the screen for at least two hours, sometimes more. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to update you all on my goings-on, nor have I been avoiding writing because of struggling on the racing front. Nope, it really boils down to just keeping real busy with projects, and doing a great job of procrastinating on staying in touch. I shall endeavor to improve significantly in that regard for this New Year, and I hope all of us enjoy much success and satisfaction.

I actually sat down several days ago to attempt this blog, but my left pinky wouldn’t cooperate. Sure, if you asked my finger, it may say the guilt rests with the right hand, for allowing the grinder to get ahold of the glove, then tear through and remove most of the pad of the finger, prints and all. Anyway, it made it incredibly hard to type (it still is pretty sensitive, even bandaged), but tonight it’s time.

Perhaps one of the motivating factors for me is that I board an airplane tomorrow, first thing, to head out to Florida for testing. If you know me, I’m most prolific on the keyboard the night before heading to a race. I feel terrible for making you guys wait this long, and I didn’t want to stretch it another week.

To attempt to give a synopsis of most of my activities for the past couple of months (with only about an hour before I need to wrap this up) would be futile, so I will try my best to crank out another entry in the near future to highlight some of my off-season undertakings.

I’m very satisfied with the amount of progress around the house in the past two months. We got all the concrete poured, the last wall built, and as soon as I get back from Florida and finish grading the yard, the back is DONE! Well, we still will be doing sprinklers and planting, but, compared to what needed to be done, all the “heavy lifting” is over. I managed to stretch my “garage project” out to four years, but I think it will all be worth it. I’ve recently seen work surfaces and floor areas in the main garage that weren’t visible for years…so I know I’m getting close!

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Robert Scherer does pipeline work, and also crews on Bob Bode’s car and a nostalgia funny car. He made the mistake of offering to help me…so here he displays his tractor skills while I do the hard work….photography! Here we’ve finished digging the footing for the last wall.
Jason and Layla are doing wonderful. He has skipped second, moving into third grade, and is doing very well in school. He’s still taking piano lessons, and soon will start his baseball season. Layla FINALLY relented to our pressure to toilet-train, and is making great strides in directing her “#1” where it needs to go. I’m not even going to talk about the “# 2’s”, but we’re optimistic!

I really want to thank everyone who stuck with me last year throughout the difficult season. Only one of the guys, Chris Spall, is staying on my team for this year. Jimmy (Prock) and John (Medlen) brought most of their guys over to DSR to work on our Infinite Hero Charger for 2015. That’s very standard in our industry, as the crew chief is tasked with hiring all the individuals on the team. Hence, there is great loyalty to (and from) the crew chief. Fortunately, all of my former crew have found jobs, and all but one of them stayed at DSR. It’ll be nice knowing that I will still see most of them at each race, and I hope all are extremely successful this year…they deserve it!

Marla and Sterling moved over to Spencer’s car, Bill and Jeff will be on Matt’s car, Terry is handling many shop projects, and Rich is handling show-car logistics. Chris Cunningham will stay and assist Prock and Medlen in the tuning.

Like entering a new grade and having to learn all your classmates names, it’ll take me a few days into testing before I figure out who is who, but I’m looking forward to getting to know all of the crew and doing everything in our power to have a world-championship year.

On Christmas Day, the kids warmed by the fireplace. When you live in California, sometimes you’ve got to improvise!

To say that I am grateful to Terry Chandler would be a huge understatement. Terry, who completely funds the Make-A-Wish car, really wanted to do more to support the Infinite Hero Foundation for 2015. She and Don Schumacher funded the car for the six races we ran it last year, and Terry stepped way up this year to do some wonderful things to help our injured heroes. We will again be doing the military-style challenge coins every run in 2015, continuing what was an amazingly successful fundraiser last year. We have a new design this year, so keep an eye on us. Remember, every dollar we raise goes directly to the cause….NOT ONE DIME funds the racecar…Terry took care of that!

The one person I will most miss seeing during testing is Don,who will miss at least the first two races this year as he recovers from his cancer. Don had surgery in December and, because the cancer was detected fairly early, will not be facing chemotherapy. He will do six weeks of radiation, which will drastically reduce his ability to travel (he will need to remain near the clinic for his daily treatments). Don is as tough a person as there is, and I’m sure he will come through this just fine, but I don’t envy anyone enduring radiation to their throat. Please keep Don and Sarah in your thoughts while they deal with these difficult times.

I know this is a short entry, and I hope you guys don’t feel cheated, especially after having to wait so long. But, like I said earlier, I really needed to get something written so the police don’t fill out a missing person’s report on me. Next blog I’ll try to fill in some of the details on what’s been occupying my time.

Stay tuned…I will!

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