A great weekend in HoustonFriday, May 03, 2013

Hey everyone! All of us here at CPR are still on cloud nine about the win last week, but now the focus has shifted to Atlanta!

The ride along before the Houston race was in Cleveland, Texas, north of Baytown, which I never even knew anything existed past there. LOL! Pretty soon, we were in this neat little town meeting “Jammin” Jim Phillips, Snap-on franchisee at Martin Auto Park. The people there were awesome and just good country folk. They had a full-on BBQ and smoker there making some good old food. I got to spend some time with Jim and learned he was in management with Snap-on before becoming a franchisee, is a 20+ year Snap-on veteran, and owns three other Snap-on franchises, which is so cool! The most interesting thing about him is he races on pavement oval tracks, which is right up my alley. We talked about and compared the different pavement/dirt venues we’ve raced at, so it was neat to have something else in common to talk about besides drag racing. LOL. Jim did ask me at the end of the visit to win a Wally just like in Vegas, so we did! (See the pic of us playing tug of war with poor old Wally) J

After the ride along, we got focused on the race weekend. On Friday, we topped the charts with a 4.08 on the second run; it was smooth and fast. I really felt with the cloud cover that we could run even better, but it rained all day Saturday, so they cancelled qualifications, which put us right into Sunday. We had so much rain on Saturday that pieces of the track were peeling up on Sunday, but the NHRA Safety Safari did a great job getting the track fixed and prepped for race day!

Even with all their efforts, the rain still made the track tough, and as a lot of cars did, we spun the tires in the first round. Luckily, we got the win, so we moved on to the second round where we ran a 4.18 with a couple 4.24s to follow in the semi’s & final round to WIN the race. Our 4.18 was actually low e.t. of race day, and our 4.08 quick time for qualifying. All in all, I’d say we hit it out of the park at Royal Purple Raceway. It was a solid effort from the team, answering the bell every round, even with shortened turnaround time due to the live TV broadcast, which was excellent. We had under an hour to get suited up and have the car on the starting line for the final. I’ve never gotten strapped into the car so fast in my life, and it was definitely nerve racking. We made some good calls all weekend and the guys did a great job putting the car together… a total team effort. It just goes to show what good equipment, a fast car, and dedicated team members can do! We’re definitely starting to hit our stride and like the car’s response to the changes.

Not only did we qualify #1 in Houston and win the race, we also left there #1 in the points standings, which is very exciting for all of us!

Now, we’re sitting in Atlanta where it’s hot and humid, hoping our momentum carries through. We’re going to keep our approach the same because we feel like we’re doing something right. J