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My Bristol wheelstand
Hi race fans! Even though we didn’t do as well as we hoped at Bristol we did have a good race. And we actually made the highlight reels with the wheelstand that we did on the first Friday run.

Unfortunately first round we had a malfunction of the new automatic shut off system mandated by the NHRA. Most of the guys seem to have the system under control but since this was our first race of the year we are just a little bit behind. I was happy that the car ran pretty good, good enough at least to race on Sunday. There was nothing else I wanted more than to turn on a win light on Father’s Day for my boys. I guess that will just have to wait until next year. The team Scott put together to work on the car did a great job and I am hoping to get the car out again at the Charlotte race in September.

My biggest news story is Ginger. She was crowned Mrs. Virginia! I am really proud of her! How does she live in North Carolina and win Mrs. Virginia? That’s a good question… She actually grew up in Midlothian, Va., and she decided that she wanted to represent her home state. She will compete in the Mrs. United States Pageant July 31 in Las Vegas. Stay tuned and I will keep everyone posted of the results!

After the race in Bristol by old buddy and USAF Thunderbirds pilot Rusty “The Shredder” and his family came to visit. I had not seen Rusty in quite some time and his son Jacob had really grown up since the last time they visited! I had fun taking them to one of my favorite places, the Speedway Club at Charlotte Motor Speedway. If you ever have a chance this is one place that you would like to visit!

I had a great chance to visit with Robert and Doug Yates during the Hot Rod Power Tour visit here in Charlotte. I’ve been fans of theirs for many years so that was pretty cool!

The guys at Doug Herbert Performance and BRAKES all got together and put together a car to run in the “Chump car” series race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The rules are simple; you have to race a car that is worth less than $500 not including safety equipment. It was really fun! I was able to race against my old buddy Cameron Evans, he was lucky that he never got next to me or I might have had to give him a little push! Anyways I started the race in 67th place, after about an hour and a half I pitted to change drivers and fuel up and guess what? A drag racer can make turns! We were 16th when I came into the pits! Anyways it was fun and we ended up finishing 20th place. The next race is in November so we will probably see how we can do again!

Over here in Kannapolis we have a great minor league baseball team, The Intimidators. Named after guess who? The Intimidator #3 Dale Earnhardt. Jessie and our friends had a great time at the game, How could you not? Tickets were just $6 and the fun value was a million! In just 2 weeks On July 27 the Intimidators are hosting a baseball game with the proceeds going to the BRAKES charity! Please go to the BRAKES website t learn more and please come out and join us if you are in the Charlotte area.

Speaking of BRAKES, lots of great things happening! We have schools at least one weekend a month at the Zmax Dragway and Charlotte Motor Speedway. This year we have been really blessed to get additional support from Rick Hendrick Cars, Hendrick and now Kia Motors USA! With this additional support we are adding schools in Georgia, Florida and California! In addition UPS stepped up last week and made a really nice donation to BRAKES that allowed us to add an additional class in Charlotte. If you have a teen please take advantage of this teen driving program. The classes are free and the value is priceless. For dates and information visit the BRAKES website.

The classes are always fun for me; I usually even learn something about driving! The instructors that we have are excellent! Many times my friends show up with their teen drivers. Last week my buddy Don Miller from Penske Racing brought his two grandsons to the school. Don brought a case of his book “Millers Time” and spent the time to personally autograph copies for every one of the BRAKES instructors, how cool! The most rewarding part is that after the school the teens generally all say the same thing, “This is one of the best days of my life.” That makes it all worthwhile.

That’s about all I have for now so until next time, be good!