Super busyMonday, May 20, 2013
Posted by: Angie Smith

Hello everyone. Hope all is well. It has been super busy at MSR lately. We have continued our research and development program. Most importantly we have been working on Matt’s bike in search of the shifting problem. We really think we have it fixed now. We are planning a test session one week from today in Rockingham to give us the assurance we need. Matt and I both really need to get some rounds under our belt this early in the season. I would rather be in with some comfort than be out working really hard to get in.

John Hall has been doing an outstanding job for MSR/Viper team. He has been winning rounds on Sunday and we all know that’s what its all about in drag racing. John’s family got to attend the Charlotte event and we all had a great time. I am sure his family will be around for the Englishtown and New Hampshire race. They are a great group of people and we are thankful to be working with him this year. Just want to say thank you to John on making us look awesome this year. Keep it up.

I have been making better runs down the racetrack. My main focus this year has been just that. I want to make four great qualifying runs that are straight and fast. That’s still a goal for Englishtown. On Saturday in qualifying I made a pretty good run and I was top of the sheet. I have been there a couple of times but I am going to try and make it a habit from now on.

On our way home from Houston we had to stop in Competition Trailers and get our awning extended and some good things like that. So on our way through Atlanta we stopped in to attend the Night of Champions at the World of Coca-Cola. As always we have such an amazing time with all the other Champions and with all the NHRA and Coke representatives. We had a very nice dinner and I got to shop with all the other ladies in the World of Coke store. I would like to say thank you for always giving us a very enjoyable evening honoring our drivers. Thank you.

I’m looking forward to Englishtown because it will be four long weeks we have had to wait to go racing again. I am ready right now. Another thing I am looking forward to is New York City. We were not able to go to New York last year. Matt and I are going this year and we are staying for two nights. I have never had more than four hours in New York City so I am sure by the next blog I will have a lot to talk about. Scotty and Susan Pollacheck will be joining us in New York City for our little getaway. It’s always great to spend time with your track family away from the track. Susan and I are going shopping for sure. Not sure what the guys have in mind. By then Matt might need to just relax after a busy weekend.

As you all know Scott Speed is Matt’s brother in law. He married Matt’s sister Amanda several years back. He competes in NASCAR these days. He had an opportunity to attend the X Games in Brazil to compete in Rally Cross. Not only did he compete in his first ever event in the X Games but he also won the GOLD. What a great accomplishment for Scott on his very first outing. Great job Scott.

Englishtown is less than two weeks away and I am super excited to say the least. Like I said I want to go now. I am confident we have Matt’s shifting problem fixed and we have worked out a couple of bugs with my bike. I think Englishtown will be our chance for this entire Viper/MSR race team to shine. John has been shining since Gainesville and now its time for all of us to shine as a team. I know we are ready. If you’re in Englishtown come by and say hi.